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  • Alleen in de provincies Noord-Holland, Utrecht en Flevoland
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Trow away frying oil?

What can you do with your old frying oil/fats and plant-based oils?

Do you throw it in the garbage or flush it down the drain, just like 60% of all households, because you didn’t know it could be recycled or there were no collection points near by? 

Biofuel is made from frying oil/fat and vegetable oils, so we need to get less fossil oil from nature and biofuel has 95% less CO2 emissions from vehicles. By having it recycled, you are working sustainably and you help to make the environment cleaner.

How should you turn in your frying fats/oils? 

1. Enjoy deep frying your food, but keep the empty packaging!

2. After 7-10 rounds of deep-frying you change the oil and pour the old oil back in its original packaging.

3. Transport your frying oils/fats in a well closed container and place it in the yellow container available at the collection point.